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Xinzailing’s Yunti Program Passed Expert Argumentation

時間:2016-12-19 22:38 瀏覽:27次

On December 16, 2016, Zhejiang Xinzailing Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed the expert group to conduct on-site verification of Yunti program. Making up the expert group were team leader Prof. Zhu Changming, Director of Elevator Chapter of National Special Equipment Security Technology Commission, member of National Technical Committee 196 on Elevators of Standardization Administration of China, Ph.D.Supervisor of  School of Mechanical Engineering,Shanghai Jiaotong University, and members of Mao Xiaosong, Executive Deputy Director of Elevator Products Quality Supervision and Verification Center of Provincial Special Inspection Institution, Prof. Wang Jiandong, Ph.D. of College of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Prof. Liu Xinyue, member of National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee, expert of the chief work group of national commercial codes application technological system research and member of Code Industrial Standardization Technical Committee, as well as Doctor Tian Xiang, Associate Professor of College of Bio-medical Engineering & Instrument Science, Zhejiang University, etc. Relevant leaders from provincial Special Equipment Inspection Institute, municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, municipal Special Equipment Inspection Institute, municipal 96333 Disposal Center and Binjiang Market Supervision Bureau also attended the argumentation and gave remarks, approved the achievements and significance of Yunti and eventually reached consensus on the program.


On the morning of 16th, experts and leaders went to Qingchegnzhilian Residential Community--one of the trial sites of Yunti program--to inspect and debate on site. Jin Xuzhe, CTO of Xinzailing illustrated and demonstrated the functions of Yunti.


In the afternoon , Mr.Jin presented the designing plan,technological structure and R&D results of Yunti program to experts and leaders in Xiaomi meeting room on the fifth floor of Xinzailing,. After listening to the report and examining relevant profiles, the expert group held a debate with the R&D team of Yunti regarding relevant technological questions.


After the argumentation, the expert group unanimously held that Xinzailing’s Yunti program is a true innovation as it applies PLC technology, video analysis technology, big data analysis and discovery technology, etc., and approved the major breakthrough of Yunti in China’s elevator security field as they recognized that Yunti, with its advanced technologies, could play an active role in promoting elevator security and possess important market value for promotion; hence the program passed the expert argumentation unanimously.


After the meeting, the experts and leaders toured round Xinzailing, appreciated its proactive company culture and offered important guidance to the R&D and command teams of Yunti.


Hereby we cordially celebrate Xinzailing’s Yunti program for passing the expert argumentation; we will redouble our efforts and fully devoted to the solution of elevator security.

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