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2017 Annual Gala for New Year Celebration Co-held by Xinzailing and Broadlink

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Time flies. On January 8, the 2017 annual gala for New Year celebration co-held by Xinzailing and Broadlink was opened grandly in Landison Resort Tonglu, which witnessed a gathering of colleagues from Xinzailing and Broadlink, our cooperative partners and leaders. In the exciting, boisterous and active atmosphere, the gala offered a feast to the eyes. 


The curtain was drawn with the song The Road to Ordinary sang by two CEOs, in which they eulogized the extraordinary year of 2016 and expressed their deep gratitude and blessings. The gala was formally opened after the song.


There were many programs in the gala in which the staff demonstrated the charisma either as a team or an individual; everyone was immersed in the joyful environment with various wonderful performances by colleagues from all departments and a much expected lucky draw in between.

The comedy show Calabash BrothersFight Against Snake Spirit performed by the Administrative Department and Financial Department with females and males performing the reversed roles brought down the house.


The hot dance HUSH+DADDY performed by the sales group enlivened everyone on site.


The cool Seve Dance performed by Zailing Communications looked quite professional.


The comedy show Judge Bao and the Qin Xianglian Case revised by the Strategic Planning Department send the audience rolling in the aisle.


The No Place to Hide performed by OEM was absolutely high and rock!


The comedy show Flirting Scholar performed by the WEB group of R&D department was so hilarious that it could be compared to the official version.


These wonderful programs not only brought us tons of laughter but also made our hearts much closer. As games go on, the third, second, first and grand prizes were awarded via lucky draws, which pushed the gala to constant climaxes. With interactions between the leaders and the staff and the exciting lucky draws, music, applause, ovations overwhelmed the hall throughout.

The grand prize winner was awarded by the two CEOs and took a photo with them.


The atmosphere was super high!


At last, amid the chorus True Hero led by Research,Development and Testing Department, the gala was drawn to a successful end.

We are already well-prepared for 2017 and let’s strive for a promising future.


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